"Logistically, Your International Carrier"

We are licenced to haul all commodities

Our authorities allow us to handle the following:
- Goods into, out of or through the Province of Ontario and the Continental U.S.A.

- General Freight - Goods in tank vehicles

- Household goods

- New Vehicles

- Flatbeds

- Vans

- Dumps

- Mobile Homes

- Expediting vehicles (from 1/2 ton vans to 53' air ride trailers)

To service our customers we have tractors domiciled in the following locations:

- Detroit, Michigan

- Windsor, Ontario

- Neenah, Wisconsin

- Davenport, Iowa

- Midland, Ontario

In addition to the above,we can, through our computerized systems, contact other carriers throughout North America, with whom we have a working relationship.

Our people have experience in handling all your logistic needs

We have:

- We have been awarded Chrysler Corporation's "Directors Award"

- Loaded and handled over 2 million board feet of random length lumber annually, loading approximately 100 trucks per day. We also warehoused over 20 million board feet of lumber. This was done without any mistakes in inventory or loads. We never misloaded a trailer.

- Handled the inventory management of outbound trailers from Daimler-Chrysler's Windsor Assembly Plant. We inventoried the outbound trailers and their loads. We handled over 14,000 trailers without any trailers being misplaced. >

- Consolidated loads on the outbound trailers from the Windsor Assembly Plant. We never misloaded a trailer.

- Handled local freight for foreign carriers.

- Used the internet and private bulletin boards to give the best possible service to our customers.

Potomski Transportation Inc.
"Logistically, Your International Carrier"
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